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Use a temporary email address when buying or selling bitcoins.

Guest Author: Alexandru Tanase

Although people saw bitcoins as a fad at first, it's safe to say that these virtual coins have achieved an astonishing growth in the past few years. With bitcoins selling for $6,000 or more at the time of this writing, it's clear that purchasing and selling bitcoin can be a very good idea. Not only that, but it can also bring in front quite a lot of money.

But as you can imagine, handling so much money does come with some risks. Sure, we all know that the Bitcoin network is designed not to share any personal information. But even so, you should keep in mind the fact that the transactions are not anonymous. If you want, you can call these pseudo-anonymous.

While you don't specifically share your email or physical address, not even your name, some people can still track your identity with help from IP addresses and cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchanges or other persons you purchase buy/sell coins from may identify you via your email address.

How can this happen?

Although there is a huge focus on anonymity, there are some flaws in the system. For example, you will notice that the user of a bitcoin address will declare his name and link it to a public address. As you can imagine, this makes it very easy for other people to identify who you are and from here to generating a proof of ID it will be very easy.

They just have to match your ID against the IP address, and they can easily steal your identity. It's a very problematic thing to take into consideration, but the reality is that you can still find some ways to maintain your anonymity if you use the right approach.

How can you make the Bitcoin sale or purchase process safer?

Bitcoin mixing

The mixing process is designed to eliminate the link you could usually find between the bitcoin addresses. It does that either by swapping coins with other addresses or creating some temporary addresses. This leads to some very good results because it's a lot easier for you to stay anonymous this way. The process is faster and more convenient, and the results as a whole are very distinct too, which is exactly what you may need.

Using VPN and routing services

In case you don't want to opt for the mixing process, there are some other options for you to focus on. Using a VPN sounds great because it enables you to mask your connectivity and no one will know your real IP, to begin with. However, in case someone does identify that you use a VPN, your protection is nonexistent.

You can also opt for the Tor Browser and use it to connect to the Bitcoin network. What makes this great is the fact that Tor nodes get to encrypt all data before sending it. As a result, it's very easy for you to avoid sharing any relevant or pivotal information such as your name and IP, among others.


Joinmarket is, as its name states, a market. Here you will note that makers and takers are focused on performing various transactions. The market will arrange the necessary amount of coins, and the overall results can be more than amazing in the end.

Using a temporary email address

Even if your email address is identified, you can use a temporary email address when selling or buying bitcoin just to stay safe. You can indeed add a temporary email address to your wallet because that doesn't matter in the end. No one will know who the wallet belongs to, and using the temporary email address can help you preserve your name even more than before. However, what you do want to remember here is that the temporary email addresses are designed to bring in the sense of efficiency and anonymity without bringing in front any limitations.

The benefit of using temporary email address is that you never have to worry about any problems. You will always be extremely impressed by the fact that this type of email address gets to keep you anonymous even during such a transaction.

Even if you do want to sell bitcoins, you still receive a very good protection from the temporary email address. No one will be able to link the IP to your name or email address. And even if they do link it to the temporary email address, you never have to worry about anything. It's just the best, safest way to purchase and sell bitcoins online.

What methods should you use when you sell or buy bitcoin online?

The local bitcoin option is maybe the best, this way you get to meet with the person face to face and get to initiate the transaction as you see fit. It's a much simpler approach and one that does tend to offer some impressive benefits because of that.

The Bitcoin ATM option isn't extremely popular because there aren't too many ATMs like this to find out nowadays. But there may be some in the future, so it's always a good idea to look out for those. Of course, you can opt for a prepaid card option, so you can easily use that card to get bitcoin without issue. The idea is to opt for a prepaid card that requires you to stay anonymous because some of these won't help you get the anonymity that you may want, so try to consider that.

But yes, the best way to purchase bitcoin is to use a temporary email address. It's just a lot more convenient and simple, plus no one will be able to link that to you. It really is the best option to focus on if you want to get on the Bitcoin train and earn some good money. Remember, your privacy is still extremely important, and using a temporary email address can help you maintain control over your private data. Don't rush into buying or selling bitcoin, use a temporary email address and the results can be very impressive!


How can a temporary email address helps QA teams with debugging and testing email servers?

Guest Author: Alexandru Tanase

Developers are always trying to make sure that the services and software they create are among the best on the market. But even if the development tasks tend to require a tremendous amount of work, there will always be times when you have to test everything to the utmost efficiency so you can get the best results. Doing that requires a lot of time and effort, regardless of what type of software you may want to create at that time.

And that's where the need for testing comes into play. Testing is in the final part of the development process, but it does bring in front a unique set of values and features that you obviously do not want to miss. What you have to take into consideration is the fact that you will have a wide range of ways to test your software.

But what does it happen if you want to use email software or email servers?

The first idea would be to use a regular email address. But let's face it, testing can be quite demanding and problematic if you want to use something like this, so a good idea would be to protect your regular email address as much as you can. Granted, it can be rather tricky to do something like this, and the best part is that it can bring in front some huge challenges along the way for that particular address.

Getting the right documentation done is also very important. Documentation is a part of the QA flow, and it can help you identify any issues or challenges that appear from using that sort of service. The thing to remember here is that most of the time the best QA services are here to bring in front quality and efficiency without a lot of effort. Doing this can be tricky at times, true, but it's also going to offer some tremendous values to take into consideration as well.

While you can try to use a regular email address for testing during the QA process, you want to avoid that. Testing can lead to issues with your email address, and even email software can be unstable and render that particular address obsolete.

You need to try and protect any address that's usable, and instead, you need to use a dummy address. Which is where the need for a temporary email comes into play. With help from a temporary address, you will find it a whole lot easier to get the results and experience you want in no time, and the outcome can be second to none because of that reason alone. Not only that, but you will also appreciate the huge quality and experience that gets offered with the temporary email.

Simply put, using a temporary email can easily help you identify any potential bugs without actually losing any data. After all, this is a decoy email used just for testing. So there are no issues to fear nor any problems. It's just the best possible result that you can get and it is among some of the best things that you can encounter for sure. Yes, there will surely be some trouble along the way, but the experience on its own can be second to none, and that's obviously what you need to get in the end.

Why is it a good idea to use temporary email?

Maybe the best thing about testing email solutions and servers with a temporary email is that it works very well. In fact, this type of solution is designed to offer a tremendous way to test your email server, and it will end up delivering a very good value. Plus, this is not that expensive to do, with the right set of tools you can get it done in no time.

Even if a temporary email will expire in a day or two, you can easily create a new one and that will help you continue your tests without any issue. Being able to create as many as you can is very good, because you won't have to worry spending your time creating lots of temporary emails. The entire process is designed with convenience in mind, and they can easily offer you the type of results you may need without that much effort.

In case a developer needs to do a quick functionality test, using this type of system is going to come in handy and it will surely deliver a tremendous experience as time goes by since you can indeed create as many temporary emails as you want. It all comes down to using the right platform that can generate the necessary amount of emails on the fly, and Email on Deck is surely the answer here!

Testing a new API requires a lot of time and money, not to mention it can be increasingly demanding. But it's going to be bad if you use a real-life email address instead of a dummy one. Using a good temporary email can help you remove the issue, and it will just make the entire experience a whole lot better. You just have to know how to tackle each issue and managing it efficiently is exactly what you want to take into consideration.

Do that, maintain a true focus on testing using temporary email and you will be more than ok. These temporary email are bringing in a great sense of anonymity, and they can also deliver tremendous value for your time. Not only are they expendable, but you can easily obtain a huge array of options without having to worry about anything in the end. All you have to do is to take your time, avoid rushing and yes, once you do that nothing will be impossible for sure. EmailonDeck is here to offer a stellar temporary email tool that can help you generate as many disposable addresses as you need, so try to use that now, and you will not be disappointed!


Temporary email: Ultimate solution for e-book fans

Guest Author: Alexandru Tanase

We all download and read e-books online nowadays, and for a very simple reason. They offer a wealth of information and most of them can be acquire free of charge without a problem. In fact, the best part is that most of these books can easily be acquired on the spot with just a simple download. It's fast, easy to do, and you won't have to worry about that much hassle to begin with.

The fact that you can obtain lots of e-books nowadays is quite interesting, and it does bring in front a huge array of unique ideas to the table. You can get the necessary information for some new tasks, and you can always explore some unique methods as you see fit. This really helps you a lot if you want to accumulate more skills and access some nice, great ways to take your knowledge to the next level.

Why do you need temporary emails to download e-books?

This is a very good question. If there are so many apps and sites that can help you download these books, is it necessary for you to share your email? Unfortunately, that's exactly the case. The sites need to find a way to pay for their hosting and other services, and the best way they can find most of the time is to sell email lists.

This means they will get emails and they will create a list that will end up being sold to the highest bidder. It sounds like a very good deal, until you actually realize that your email has sensitive data, and that highest bidder can actually be a hacker or a person with malevolent intentions.

The last thing you want is to share your personal data and email address with someone that you don't trust. But by sharing it with an e-book service, you will end up doing just that. And yes, this is not exactly a safe thing. Sure, you do get the e-book you want, but in the end it can be problematic since your integrity is at risk.

Some of these sites will require you to share your email either for security or copyright concerns. Some actually go to the extent of sharing that file via your email. So yes, this will be a very good thing to keep in mind and the fact that you can use e-book solutions does tend to offer you plenty of benefits.

It's not really that amazing to opt for a service that will end up using your mail to earn money and even worse, most services like this will stop you from downloading any piece of content from their site unless you share your account. It's not exactly the ultimate thing that you can get, but it does go to show that without an email account, you will not have any way of accessing the feature and benefit that you may need. It's certainly wrong to deal with something like that, but then again you can understand why such a thing does actually happen in the end.

Can downloading e-books lead to spam?

Yes, unfortunately spam is a huge issue in the world of e-book downloads, and it won't go away that easily. The idea is to always try and find a good, creative way to deal with these issues, and one of the best options is to just avoid rushing. What a lot of people don't realize is that using your primary email address will always lead to receiving more spam, and it can get so much worse in the long term. But once you opt for a temporary email, the results will be so much better. Having the utmost protection and eliminating any potential downsides is a huge deal, and it can definitely bring you lots of unique opportunities, and less spam to your primary email.

But you can avoid all that spam by using a temporary email. It's definitely the type of thing that can offer you tons and tons of benefits, which is exactly what you want to have in the end. It's all about knowing how to use the temporary email solutions and managing them in a way that actually works for you. Whether you opt for using e-book downloads often or not, you still need to realize that using a good and powerful temporary email tool can be very well worth it. All you have to do is to take your time and adapt to the situation to get the best outcome.

It's all about understanding the potential issues that you can get from sharing your regular email and eliminating those potential problems in a simple and creative manner. At the end of the day, the true focus has to be on eliminating these issues and knowing how to acquire the e-book you want without hassle.

Can you get e-books without spam or any other issues?

Yes, that can be done, if you start using the EmailOnDeck solutions. This is a one of a kind Email solution focused on offering you high quality support and a tremendous value for your money. When you use EmailOnDeck, you will not have a problem creating the very best temporary email address which you can use for any e-book download.

What this means is that each time you download an e-book, you can do that without having to worry about any problems or issues that may come your way. You will have a tremendous set of results and you will not be sharing a legit email with any potential spam service or anything similar.

Does that matter? Yes, a temporary email from EmailOnDeck allows you to get the utmost protection very fast and it makes everything simple and rewarding. We recommend you to start using a temporary email whenever you want to download e-books, because this limits any potential downsides or it just removes them entirely. It's by far one of the best things you can do and it will surely help you stay anonymous online, all while protecting your personal data!

Reading e-books can be a wonderful hobby, to help unwind and de-stress.

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