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Three Benefits of Making Disposable Emails

Guest Author: Omernadeem

In the world of today, everyone needs more than a single email address. It doesn't matter whether you're going to make more than a few Twitter accounts or just separate your work and personal emails. You need to have at least two emails. If you're frequently using emails communicate with colleagues, friends, and family. Then, using just one can become slightly overwhelming. But, we're not here to talk about a second email address. We're here to talk about a fifth or a sixth. Sounds skeptical, doesn't it?

Trust us on this one. Making temporary emails is a great way to reduce the irrelevant stuff from your main one. So, without further ado, let's explain the title and get into three reasons why making a few disposal emails can really help you out.

1. Sign Up to Any Site Without Fear of Being Spammed

We've all had to visit some weird site to get information on something for an article or an essay. But, then they only show you the first 100 words and ask you to sign up to view the rest. There are just some sites that you have to feel reluctant to put "your" email address in because you can guess from all the ads that you're going to be mercilessly spammed. In such cases, it is much better to use temporary emails that you will never even check. You'll get your content and at the same time, stay far away from junk emails.

2. You Can Participate in Giveaways

You might know that most big Twitch streamers, Youtubers, Vloggers, etc like to hold giveaway. And, usually, their giveaways include putting in your email addresses and subscribing to their channels or signing up to their newsletters. But, we don't really care about the newsletter or their channels, do we? We care about the rewards. And, participating with numerous emails significantly improves your chances of winning that giveaway. Most of the time, they even give you further benefit if you use one of your emails to invite a second one of yours. A pretty profitable investment if we dear say.

3. Keep Your Personal Information Safe

Your personal email address contains quite a lot of your information - Your name, location, phone number, contacts, etc. Long story short, there are quite a few things that you don't want falling into the wrong hands. If you create disposal emails, they don't even have to necessarily contain your own name. You aren't obliged to put in any information and the weird websites you sign up to, can't access any of that information. This means your personal information is safe and no one can gain access to it.

Closing Thoughts

There certainly aren't any cons we can think of. Disposable emails only have advantages. The only thing close to a drawback would be that you're going to have to remember all those different emails and passwords. Personally, we just like to create an Excel file and put in all emails in there with the places we made accounts with them. This is very convenient and will definitely help you in the long run.


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Enhance your privacy at cryptocurrency exchanges with a temporary email address

Guest Author: Semantix

Email is part of our lives, in our free time, in our work, and at school. It is one of the first tools created for the Internet, and even today we use it every day for its versatility and ease.

However, like any other online service, it suffers from specific problems, the main one is the security and privacy issues. Although most email clients and webmail services offer a decent degree of confidentiality, there is always a particular fear of having our personal information on the web.

When it comes to financial operations, like trading cryptocurrencies in an exchange, we don't want to provide any personal data, especially our email address. To guarantee our privacy, websites like offer temporary email services for people to use for a short period. This way they can complete their transactions trading operations without having to use their primary email account.

Temporary email

Unlike email services such as Outlook (formerly Hotmail), Yahoo! or Gmail, the temporary or disposable email, hardly requires registration data, thus maintaining your anonymity. For instance, you can either create a custom name or just recieve a random email address and the account will be immediately available for you to send and receive messages.

Some services allow forwarding messages; others offer customisation features such as the ability to indicate how long that account will be available. In any case, these services are usually temporary, that is, the account is no longer accessible after a period, which may be hours or days. Besides, the accounts are shared, so you have to make sure you use a little-known name so that nobody else can access it.

For some of us, the need to be anonymous is more important than ever. Notably, for those who use exchange services all the time to trade cryptocurrencies, the need for anonymity becomes much more significant.

What to do if you want to install an email address that is completely secret and without a name, with no connection to your person, but does not force you to suffer the trouble of installing your own servers?

That goes beyond encrypting messages. Some services help you create "anonymous" accounts, but those do not hide who sent the message. Here is a service that you should use to create that really anonymous and non-identifiable email address which will then allow you to register at an exchange and trade your coins safely.

Email On Deck

This website has a two-step process to get a free email address to receive messages in Email On Deck, but only because step one is a CAPTCHA to make sure you are a human being, not a web-based robot. It will randomly assign an unknown email address (such as ""). You can click on a button to get another assigned mail, but they are all temporary. Make sure that you will not need the email for further transactions in the future because the assigned address will only be useful for, say, one or two hours.

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