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Why should you use a temporary email address for dating sites?

Jul. 20, 2017
Guest Author: Alexandru Tanase

While technology is vital for our life, the reality is that it manages to replace just about any sector of our life.  We use technology for cooking, sleeping and we even work on it on a daily basis.

Sometimes, we may want to take a breather from it.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to do that even when you want to start dating.

Many modern couples find each other online, mainly because we lack the time to have meaningful social interactions.

Online Dating Advantages

And while this is sad, it's safe to say that dating websites are becoming more and more relevant in the online world.  In fact, they do offer some advantages that real dating doesn't bring at all:

* Dating online is very fast, you can easily talk with the desired person from your phone or desktop computer.  Then you can move onward with your day.

* You can find thousands of people online, and you don't even have to look for them.  You even have filters in case you want to find a specific person/type of person.

* If you are shy, you can easily meet new persons without having to worry about their reactions or any other impact.  This is a great way to socialize and find your loved one.

Online Dating Disadvantages

Lots of companies have started to appear since the online dating craze started.  And some of them are legit; others barely reach the line between legit and unlawful.

* Some online dating websites are a scam, and they are created specifically to take your money while offering nothing in return.

* You can find various websites that use chat bots.  These create fake profiles just to entice you to become a member.

* There are dating sites that will sell your email address to spammers.

* Your personal information is not safe online if you use quite a lot of dating sites.

As you can see, it's easy to understand why online dating can be very troublesome.  But using a temporary email address can be the right solution in this regard.  What this means is that you always have the ability to protect your information without any hassle.  Even if these sites get your information, that info comes from a temporary address, so the damage is minimal.

On top of that, using a temporary email address means that you can maintain your anonymity.  In the case of an online dating site, you never know who runs it and how they keep your information.  That's why you have to do all you can to protect your info.  It can indeed pay off very well, which is exactly what you need to have at all costs.

So, it's a very good idea to use a temporary email address when you deal with dating sites.  Some of them are scammy, so the last thing you want is to share your private data with them.  EmailOnDeck is here to make sure that you protect your identity.  Click here to get your temporary email right now!


Should I use a temporary email for online purchases?

Jul. 3, 2017
Guest Author: Alexandru Tanase

When you want to purchase items or services online, most of the time you will need to create an account on that site.  You may even have to share your email and personal address.  While some people may be ok with this, not everyone feels that such a thing is ok and that on its own can be quite impressive, to be honest.

The great thing to note about temporary e-mails is they can help you with all of that.  Not only does the system work very well, but it also brings you some benefits.  Yes, there are some cons too, but they don't take away too much from the entire experience as a whole.


Right off the bat, these temporary e-mails can be great if you just want to purchase something from a site and then move onward to another one.  Since there are so many sites out there, you don't want them to know your info if you want to have a one-off purchase.  It is a very good thing to focus on, and it can provide you with some interesting results in the end.

When sites just require your email address to send you a receipt, and you don't plan on buying anything more... what difference does it make if they send an email receipt to a temporary email address or your personal email address? It's up to you, but you may be fine just accepting the receipt at a temporary email address so that you don't ever have to be concerned if you're going to get a bunch of unsolicited e-mail.

Moreover, if you purchase stuff from a site like Craigslist, you don't have to worry about any potential challenges in regards to communication.  You just use a website like in order to create your temporary e-mail address, and that's it.  Things like this shine, since they help protect your identity in the online world, and it's something that you do not want to miss.

Plus, the temporary e-mail is also great if you want to conceal your identity during potential trades.  There are lots of sites where you can trade items as you see fit.  And while it may seem ok to share your personal address with the other person you want to trade, he may be a hacker.  So, it's a much better idea to protect yourself this way.


The only downside is that the temporary e-mail will expire, so if you want to purchase from a site multiple times and you trust them, you may want to create an account with your regular email.  Plus, it will be a lot harder than expected to just connect with the seller.

Also, if you need to access your order history from a website and you forgot your password, you can run into a real difficulty in resetting your password.

Though it's not exactly a major downside, but it shows that the temporary e-mail is great just for the one-off purchases.  It works if you never worked with that particular website before and you want to protect your identity.

As you can see, it's a very good idea to use a temporary e-mail if you want to purchase new products and items just one time.  Especially if the only reason you are required to give an email address is so that they can send you a receipt.

Ultimately it's up to you to decide if you want to use a temporary e-mail address when purchasing online.  Hopefully, you now have a better idea of when you would prefer to use a temporary e-mail and when you would prefer to use your personal e-mail when buying things online.

Stay safe out there!


Ode to Temporary Email!

Jun. 20, 2017
Author: EmailOnDeck

Ode to Temporary Email!

Email was meant to be fast and always free.
Except SPAM plagues you to a degree of at least three.
That's why having a temporary email address is the best.
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Your real email address can finally take a break.
Since so many businesses sell your info, for goodness' sake!
There's no regard to how you think or what you feel.
You're just an email address, so to them, you're not real.

It is time to say, "No more!"
And use an email service we think you'll adore.

EmailOnDeck temporary email wizard no spam

At EmailOnDeck, you're treated like a person.
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Your online email presence is given a nice upgrade.
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You can surf without stress with a temporary address.
Without turning your inbox into a complete mess.
You can sign up for cool stuff without a ton of extra junk.
Because your primary email won't have that SPAM funk.

Our team makes it difficult for sites to see this temporary nature.
Giving them what looks like an authentic portraiture.
This stops the blocking that can happen when you want a service.
Without sending out a real email address that makes you feel nervous.

Of course, we wipe our servers and logs constantly.
This is what gives our service such high consistency.
Who wants to store junk mail over the long term anyway?
You've got better things to do than read SPAM today!

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With our service, your emails are only viewable by you.
Letting other people see your messages is a silly thing to do.
Access our site via HTTPS and utilize our TLS.
Our certified data hosting facility will give you private and secure access.

Our service is fast and personal.
Temporary, but still quite versatile.
Convenient and positively free.
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Attachments can even be viewed when you follow the right steps.
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Of course, you can't send out emails with this address for a reason.
Sending emails opens our platform up for an open SPAM season.

The time is now to get an email address for apps and sites.
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