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What is EmailOnDeck?

EmailOnDeck provides you with a fast & free temporary email address in 2 easy steps!  You can use that email for whatever you want.  You can use it to sign up at any site (or app), confirm your email address etc...  It saves you from SPAM being sent to your "real" email address and assists in protecting your privacy.


Why use a temporary email address?

So many sites and apps require a confirmed email address for no reason other than to collect personal information about you.  Do you really want some random app to have the same email address that you use to make credit card purchases with?  *Your personal data is highly desired by websites and apps.*  Sites and apps sell your data with little regard to your feelings and desire.  Using a temporary email address allows you to separate your email address you use for banking, credit card purchases and other personal identifing transactions from all the other sites out there.


When does my email expire?

There's not a percise time, usually it lasts most of the day.  It should last more than an hour, but if you close out of your browser or clear your cookies you may lose access to it faster.


Can I use this email for everything I do online?

You could, but we highly recommend you do not.  If you're interacting with a site that you'll be providing a credit card or other personal information (PII) you should not use a temporary email.  Here's 2 quick reasons why (there are more of course).  1- Since you gave them your credit card and/or personal info, you're not really protecting your privacy by using a temp email.  2- Let's say in a year or so, you forget your password to that site, if you need to reset your password you will no longer have access to your temporary email address, making it much more difficult (or possibly impossible!) for you to access that site.


How is this different from other temporary email sites?

The short answer is this service was created by a team of professionals that know how email systems work.  It's pretty trivial for most websites to detect whether an email address is temporary or not.  When websites know your email address is temporary, they can block you from signing up with their services.  EmailOnDeck makes it very difficult for websites to recognize our email addresses as temporary.

Your emails are only viewable by you. Other temporary email address services allow anyone who knows your email address to view all your emails.


What about privacy & security?

Our site can be accessed via HTTPS and our email servers utilize TLS.

Storing emails for more than a few days is cost prohibitive for us.  Therefore our servers and logs get wiped constantly and there are no backups.  Specifically, the disks are overwritten with 0s and then new emails, logs, data etc... can eventually overwrite those 0s.  With the sheer volume of SPAM out there, we're not in the business of storing all of it, we're in the business of providing you with a temporary email address that works.


Why can't I send email?

We're not trying to provide a platform to send email, it opens the possibility for people to SPAM others with our system.


Does it work?

Yes!  We pride ourselves on giving you email addresses that work on all sites and apps.  If you ever come across a site that doesn't allow you to use our email address, please let us know.

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