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Temporary Email for Bay Area FasTrak Violation

Author:  EmailOnDeck
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Another great use for using a temporary email address is used in conjunction with the Bay Area FasTrak Toll Violation Payment Confirmation.

With bridges that automatically send you toll violations, consider using a temporary email address when making an online payment. These agencies and special-purpose districts collect your payments and request your email address at the same time.

With the Bay Area FasTrak service, the Toll Violation Payment Confirmation you receive via email does not even include a confirmation number. The message from the Bay Area FasTrak Customer Service Center Team simply says you have made a payment.

For simple messages like these, is it really worth giving out your personal email address? It's a one time, auto-generated correspondence that you are you can't even reply to. If you had any real disputes, you would most likely call or mail them a letter.

Yes, of course, they do have some personal information about you, e.g. your mailing address and vehicle's license plate number, but does that mean you should give them all of your personal information? Of course not.

We hear about identity theft, and major companies and organizations getting their customer's data stolen. That's why it's always best to give these agencies the least amount of information as possible in order to help protect yourself in case your data is stolen.

So definitely consider using a temporary email address from EmailOnDeck the next time you have to make an online payment to the Bay Area FasTrak Violation agency.

Be (drive) safe out there.

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