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Why I think you need to try out EmailOnDeck Pro

Guest Author:  Alexandru Tanase
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Some thoughts of mine regarding the new EmailOnDeck Pro temporary email address features.

Following the success of the initial EmailOnDeck launch, they wanted to provide their users with more features and functionality. They listened to the communities' feedback and ideas, and are now proud to launch the EmailOnDeck Pro version. You can read more about the adjacent features below!

You can use hundreds of emails at the same time

EmailOnDeck is not limiting you to a single email at a time. You can create and use hundreds of email addresses at the same time. That means it's a lot easier to send a dummy email address and monitor it from your account fast and easy.

Custom email address

The regular EmailOnDeck version is not offering you the ability to create your own dummy address. But with EmailOnDeck Pro you can do that. You can feel free to create whatever custom email you want. And the best part is that you can adjust that based on your needs and also create numerous variations for it if you want to. In the end the return on investment is great and well worth the effort.

Sending anonymous emails

One of the major EmailOnDeck Pro features is that you can send anonymous emails fast. With this approach no one will know that the email will come from you. That offers a much better security, and you can still send emails to anyone you want as you see fit. That brings in front a whole lot more value and quality, without bringing any sort of issues or anything like that.

Save email addresses

What you will enjoy about EmailOnDeck Pro is that when you like a certain dummy address, you can save it. This is not a feature that you can find in the regular version. Normally a dummy email will be deleted automatically once you stop using it and maybe someone will get to reuse it at one point. With EmailOnDeck Pro you can save whatever email address you use in no time.

Ad free

The regular EmailOnDeck version is ad supported. But once you opt for this, you can have ads free of charge. What that does is it helps you enjoy a smoother experience without any unwanted ads that may even slow down your browser.

You get the new features first

EmailOnDeck is always evolving and they are constantly bringing in new features. But getting those new features first is something that EmailOnDeck Pro users will have right off the bat. It works extremely well and it helps you obtain the ultimate approach you always needed.

EmailOnDeck Pro offers you all the features you always wanted as well as many new things that make using a disposable email address a great experience. If you need a quick, fast temporary address often, all you have to do is to start using EmailOnDeck right away. The experience will be a very enjoyable one every time. Don't hesitate to take the Pro features for a spin, you will not be disappointed!

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