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Ode to Temporary Email!

Author:  EmailOnDeck
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Ode to Temporary Email!

Email was meant to be fast and always free.
Except SPAM plagues you to a degree of at least three.
That's why having a temporary email address is the best.
In two easy steps, you can put that SPAM folder to rest.

Your real email address can finally take a break.
Since so many businesses sell your info, for goodness' sake!
There's no regard to how you think or what you feel.
You're just an email address, so to them, you're not real.

It is time to say, "No more!"
And use an email service we think you'll adore.

EmailOnDeck temporary email wizard no spam

At EmailOnDeck, you're treated like a person.
That way your irritation does not worsen.
Your online email presence is given a nice upgrade.
Allowing you to continue your online crusade.

You can surf without stress with a temporary address.
Without turning your inbox into a complete mess.
You can sign up for cool stuff without a ton of extra junk.
Because your primary email won't have that SPAM funk.

Our team makes it difficult for sites to see this temporary nature.
Giving them what looks like an authentic portraiture.
This stops the blocking that can happen when you want a service.
Without sending out a real email address that makes you feel nervous.

Of course, we wipe our servers and logs constantly.
This is what gives our service such high consistency.
Who wants to store junk mail over the long term anyway?
You've got better things to do than read SPAM today!

EmailOnDeck temporary email monkey no spam

With our service, your emails are only viewable by you.
Letting other people see your messages is a silly thing to do.
Access our site via HTTPS and utilize our TLS.
Our certified data hosting facility will give you private and secure access.

Our service is fast and personal.
Temporary, but still quite versatile.
Convenient and positively free.
Because who wants to pay an email fee?

Attachments can even be viewed when you follow the right steps.
Letting you flex your email reading biceps.
Of course, you can't send out emails with this address for a reason.
Sending emails opens our platform up for an open SPAM season.

The time is now to get an email address for apps and sites.
Without the need to give your current email its last rites.
If your inbox feels like it has been involved in a messaging wreck.
Then check out the benefits that come from choosing EmailOnDeck!

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