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How Gmail tracks your private information even if you don't have an email account with them

Author:  EmailOnDeck
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Did you know that even if you don't have a Gmail email account your emails could still be tracked by them? It's seems impossible right? Well it is totally possible and we'll explain it here.

Let's be clear with the stage set up here. We'll say you don't have a Gmail account, you've never had a Gmail account and you never plan on having a Gmail email account. Also, very importantly, you don't have Google account in general, including, but not limited to YouTube and Google+. We'll also say you don't have an Android mobile device that utilizes a Google account (the default configuration for their services). So let's say you don't have any of those, you may be thinking, I don't use Google and therefore I'm not being tracked by them. Unless you don't use email, you're most likely wrong.

Did you know that Gmail has over 900 million active users?* What about that around 26% of email clients (clients are app/site you use to check your email) are Google/Gmail?* That's a huge amount for one single company!

Users of Gmail (should) already know that they actively scan your email messages and then will show you ads based on that email content. Worse yet, they will continue to invade you privacy by showing you related Google ads as you traverse around the internet.

Additionally, Gmail pushes you to think that you should never delete email messages. They recommend you "archive" it instead of delete it. They give you a massive amount of storage space so you never feel like your inbox is too full and consider deleting old emails.

What this all means is that you have most likely sent an email to someone who has an email address. Also, it should be noted that many companies use Google Apps for Work to manage their corporate webservers. So even if the company's email address is: "" they could still utilize Google's mail servers and Gmail client. Let that sink in for a moment... all those emails that you have sent can be collected, scan and tracked by Google. They can match your email address that you used to send from to the content of that email.

When you use a disposable temporary email address from your personal email address is not tied to the content of your email. We'd recommend you use our temp email service to help protect your privacy.

Be safe out there.

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