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One time email address generator service

Author:  EmailOnDeck
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Emails are sent out every single day. In the modern world, it's what makes the world go round. Emails are used for almost every aspect of our daily lives and online they are just about as important as our names.

The idea of giving out our email address can seem a bit overwhelming at times. Yes, we do have junk folders and SPAM folders and this folders and that folders, but that's not really the issue. The issue is every time you give out your email address, you leave a life trail. Yes, a trail of where you have been online, on what sites you visit, on what documents you have downloaded, and with whom you have communicated with.

It can be scary to think that in the last 10 to 20 minutes, mail that has been sent to or from you can now be a permanent un-deleteable part of the world wide web. Some services do allow you to retract an email just sent, but there's a lot of limitations on that. For instance, usually it can only be done when sending from the same email provider you are sending to. Think AOL to AOL or Gmail to Gmail. Also you usually need to press the retract button immediately after sending the email, otherwise it's too late.

There are online services out there that can provide you with a one time email address. These one time email addresses allow you to interact with the web without leaving your life trail. can make you feel safe again when online. EmailOnDeck is a one time email address generator service that gives you a one time email address for anything you like. To get your one-time email address you don't need to submit any of your personal information. Also, any of the emails you do receive will get securely deleted. So no life trail.

Once you have your one time email address from EmailOnDeck, use it anywhere. When you want to view a document, or test out a new site, use your one time email. You'll be able to receive emails, click on links and view images. It will work just like a regular email address but without you needing to leave your footprints on the world wide web. Once you're done with your email, forget about it. It will automatically have all its contents securely deleted. When you're ready to use another one-time email address, come back to EmailOnDeck and get a new one. You can use as many as you like, for free, no registration required.

So have peace of mind knowing that even in the modern world, using EmailOnDeck's service as a one-time email generator will give you additional anonymity while exploring and interacting with the internet.

Be safe out there.

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