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Protect your privacy at dating sites with a random email address

Guest Author:  Alexandru Tanase
Alexandru Tanase photo

Dating sites can be a great place for someone looking for love, but at the same time they can also be full of people catfishing. The thing you need to realize when you use sites like Zoosk, Ashley Madison, Eligiblegreeks, and Plenty of Fish on is the fact that they can sometimes enroll you in their email list, and you will receive random emails.

Not only that, but some dating sites are a scam and they are created specifically to farm email addresses and sell them for a profit. For instance, they could have a lot of fake female profiles, enticing males to sign up, and pay for premium services. The reality is that dating sites can be a minefield, and it's exactly why using a random email is the right idea. Not only will you be safer if you use a random email, but you can also ensure that no one sees or accesses your private information. It's the right approach, and it will help immensely.

Are dating sites safe for new users?

As a new user, entering a dating site sounds like a great idea. There are plenty of other members you can start connecting with, and it seems like an amazing experience. The only issue for a lot of people is that these dating sites can sometimes have fake profiles and chatbots. They are doing everything they can to attract users, but the reality is that it's common for those new users to speak with a chatbot. Sure, there are real persons, yet you can find scammers here too, which is something you want to avoid.

On top of that, with dating sites also comes the possibility of randomly finding people that are not a good fit. And yes, you also need to pay attention to what information you are sharing. Some information is mandatory on dating sites, in other cases it can become a nuisance. That's why you need to be careful, and if you are, that can help more than you expect.

Selling your email address...

Yes, you will notice that most dating sites are known to bring in a lot of emails, sometimes they even sell your email address to other companies. There's a lot of focus on creating large email lists, and some do that, then sell those things for a profit. Which is exactly why you want to use a random email for accessing these dating sites. Even if it might not seem like a whole lot, your private information will end up shared randomly, and that's the kind of thing you want to avoid.

That's why I think you are much better off making sure you're not constantly using dating sites. You will have better results and the experience itself will be great all the time. That's why it makes a lot of sense to use a random email, because you want to prevent those sites like Zoosk, Ashley Madison and the like from getting access to your personal information. A disposable email is always safer, more efficient and higher quality, so you know you're always getting the right results.

Protecting your privacy

As you may have heard, dating sites can be great way to quickly meet people with similar interests, but they also have their fair share of downsides. It's a very good idea to avoid sharing your personal information, no matter the format. Dating sites will always try to capture your email info just so they can reuse it for marketing or even sell it for a profit.

With the random email address you know that even if there is a data breach, it would be difficult, perhaps impossible, to connect that email address with your personal one. The temporary random mailbox will allow you to stop cluttering in your normal email with all the spam and unsolicited messages a lot of dating sites will bring you. We recommend avoiding any rush and using a random email for signing up to any dating site. That way you get to stay safe, while avoiding any random messages from these sites!

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