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Register with a disposable email address

Author:  EmailOnDeck
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Ever visited a website and they require you to register your email address to access the rest of the site? It can be very irritating. Who are they? What are they going to do with your email address? I mean, are you really going to read the privacy policy in detail for every single web site you visit?

No you are not. It would be ridiculous to review every single privacy policy for every single web site you visit. So they question you ask yourself every single time some site requires your email is whether you trust them or not.

Giving out your email address has a lot of implications. As we have discussed before, idenity theft is a serious issue. It can start with thieves gaining access to your email address.

Why should you trust this brand new web site you just visited for the first time? What proof do you have that they will not sell your personal email information to others? What guarantee do you have from them that they will not spam you off and on for the next 4 years? None.

Your best protection against these things is a disposable email address. EmailOnDeck provides you with free disposable emails that you can use to register on any website.

When you use a disposable email address from EmailOnDeck these sites have no access to your personal information. You can use a new disposable email every time you register on a site. Your personal email address will be protected, and these sites will not need to even know what it really is.

You have nothing to lose when you test out a new website using a disposable email. You have the potential to lose a lot if you register your personal email address on a sketchy site. Your choice.

Be safe out there.

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