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Disposable Temporary Email

Author:  EmailOnDeck
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Disposable temporary email, one of the best tricks to use on the internet. With it you can access a variety of web sites without having to give your personal information. They also help provide you better security against hacker attacks and viruses.

A disposable temp email address provides access by giving you a temporary email address to use for any purpose you would use a regular email address for. If a site requires an email address for access, you can use your disposable email. If a forum requires an email address for you to post, you can use a disposable temporary email address.

When you need to make temporary accounts on websites, a disposable temp email is perfect. Simply create a new disposable temp email every time you need to make a new temporary account on that site. This allows you the freedom to interact on those sites in ways you wouldn't be able to with only one account.

Disposable temporary emails provides by can also help protect you. Every time you give out your personal email address, you increase your possibility for spam. Spam comes in a variety of formats.

UCE or junk mail is mail that comes from legitimate companies that send out mass emails hoping to get people to respond, purchase or buy.

Porno spam is exactly what you think, xxx rated emails or otherwise adult promotions and advertisements.

Scam spam are emails designed to scam you out of money or your identity. These include scam emails such as the infamous Nigeria 411 scam.

Virus spam are emails designed to trick you into opening or viewing a file or picture that downloads a virus onto your computer.

There's also UNCEs or unsolicited non-commercial emails which include things like poems, jokes, chain letters, and other highly forwarded emails that appear to have no monetary desire or commercial motive.

Luckily, with a disposable temporary email address from EmailOnDeck you are mitigating many of these potential spams. Feel free to make one today!

Be safe out there.

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