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Using a temporary email for applying for loans

Guest Author:  Alexandru Tanase
Alexandru Tanase photo

Applying for a loan is sometimes necessary, especially if you have any outstanding debt or you just want to prevent any financial problems. Or maybe you are short on cash and want to buy something right away. In these cases, going to a lending company and asking for a quote can be a great idea. Most people nowadays opt for online lenders, since they make the process easier, and they do a credit check fast, while also delivering your money in no time. However, you do need to think about privacy as much as possible here.

Why is privacy a concern when it comes to lenders?

The main issue is that whenever you work with any finance business, they tend to ask for your personal information. There were a lot of identity theft situations in recent years, so it's extremely important to address the issue and protect yourself as much as you can. That's why a random temporary email is a much better idea when compared to just using your long term email.

You can end up asking dozens of companies for a quote. You don't want everyone to have your personal email. Instead, you can maintain your privacy when you ask for a quote and then learn more about the company as a whole. Once you do receive the information back, you can assess quotes and see which one suits your requirements the most. There will always be a bit of a trial and error, but in the end with the right approach and system in place, the experience can be great. That's why we always recommend working with temporary emails.

Not only does the temporary email helps protect your identity, but the truth is that those people might also end up adding you in their email list without your consent. So you will end up receiving email after email with all kinds of offers. That's the kind of stuff you want to avoid. Sure, if you work with that business eventually and want to learn more, that might help a lot. But if it's not the case, you do want to think about all the options and challenges.

At what phase should I use a random temporary mail with financial companies?

Ideally, you want to assess the companies when you ask for a quote. That's when you don't want to share your private info, because you never know whether you will work with those businesses or not. You should only share your personal, long term email address with the company that you choose in the end. That way you prevent problems, reduced risk of identity theft, and it helps save a significant amount of time. That's exactly the thing to keep in mind, and it will help avoid many possible challenges that can sometimes arise. It really goes to show that if you do it right and avoid using your personal info, you will end up a lot safer.

On top of that, by using a temporary random email you never have to worry about spam. For all the companies you don't choose to move forward with, they can re-sell your personal information. Ever wonder why even one simple query about a product, service, or even entering your information on a form leads to endless business spamming your inbox? That's right, these companies are re-selling your data.

Of course, that doesn't mean all lenders might scam you or you will deal with any issues. But what we do know is that random temporary emails can be a great way to prevent such problems, and the results are nothing short of impressive.

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