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Anonymous emails and anonymous credit cards

Author:  EmailOnDeck
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Ready for the ultimate anonymous trifecta? Here's how you can utilize an anonymous email and anonymous credit card to help protect you privacy online.

Ever had to sign up for free trials that say they won't bill you until after the first week? Or basically they have a certain amount of time you can use a service free and then they'll automatically start charging you? There's a great wombo combo you can use to evaluate these services, the combined power of and provides you with an anonymous email address that you can use anytime for signing up with services and free trial offers. This can work great when you want to see if this really is a service you want to use and aren't comfortable giving your personal email address out yet. If you're not happy with the service then you can simply forget about the temporary email address you used and never have to worry about unwanted emails and SPAM.

A lot of times, using a temporary anonymous email is all you need and it works just fine. However, there are some free trial offers that also require you to enter in your credit card info. They may charge you $1 for the first month and then full price after that. They may not charge you at all but still require the credit card be on file. There's a great new anonymous payment service called They let you "fill up" your virtual bank account with them. Then you can use as many virtual credit cards as you want. Meaning, you can create a brand new anonymous credit card number for every single service or free trial offer you like. Wow!

So when you combine an anonymous email address from and an anonymous virtual card from, you really get a lot of help protecting your personal information from identity theft, SPAM and other headaches.

Be safe out there.

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