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Over ONE MILLION spam emails blocked!

Author:  EmailOnDeck
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We can't believe it, but EmailOnDeck has now helped block over ONE MILLION unwanted emails!

Even with the advent of spam detectors, blockers and centralized IP blacklists, billions of unsolicited emails are still being sent. We're excited to be providing a temp email service that helps protect you and your time from the onslaught of these seemingly never ending emails.

Today a new form on spam emails are on the rise. The emails aren't spam in the legal sense of the word, but they have many of the same ill effects.

Today, more and more websites are requiring you to enter your email address in order to gain access, read an article or view a webpage. Many of the times, giving your email address is not relevant and is purely used by companies to collect as many emails as possible.

This leads to sites abusing your trust as they then sell your email addresses to others and the unsolicited emails start rolling in. is committed to protecting you from this new form of spam as well as the traditional form of spam.

We believe you should be able to access the web without having to give up your personal information.

We look forward to continuing and improving our disposable email service in order to help protect you from identity theft, fraudulent schemes and other issues that spam emails can try to take advantage of.

Thank you for trusting in us. Be safe out there.

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