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Creating multiple email addresses from different accounts

Author:  EmailOnDeck
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Ever had a time when you needed more than one email address? Perhaps you we're signing up for a newsletter, registering on a guest list or just wanted to receive a discount and coupon. Perhaps you want to vote in a poll more than once (though we'd question your integrity). You may even want multiple email addresses for testing purposes or to have multiple accounts on a certain website. Regardless of the reason, the point is you want multiple email accounts.

Gmail offers a very basic solution to fulfill the needs of multiple emails. With Gmail you can perform the Gmail Dot trick. The Gmail Dot trick allows you to add a dot "." anywhere in your Gmail email handle. For instance, if your email was: You could use that email address, plus you could use,, and even: when signing up for a service with your email address. All of the aforementioned email addresses would arrive to your main email inbox,

The Gmail Dot trick can be very useful in certain situations, however, many sites have caught on to this. Sites can simply strip out all the dots (.) from an email handle and then compare that against a list of email addresses that are already in their database. If it matches, then they know the email address is a duplicate and will block any form of registration.

EmailOnDeck provides a different approach to the Gmail Dot trick to create multiple email addresses. With EmailOnDeck, you can create different accounts in 2 easy steps. Once you have your new email address inbox, you can use your email address on any site, app or website. Now, once you have used that email address to your hearts content, simply click on the button next to your temporary email address that says "Forget this email and get another!". This will allow you access to a new email address. The great news about this is that your email handle is completely different. There's no Dot trick involved. Websites won't be able to match your new email address with the previous one you used and say it's a duplicate. Ta-da!

So if you're looking to create multiple email addresses, is your solution. We work hard to give you temp email addresses that work. Feel free to use as many as you like, and use them for whatever you feel appropriate to help protect you privacy online.

Be safe out there.

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