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Email needed for Imgur

Author:  EmailOnDeck
EmailOnDeck photo is amazing service image uploading and hosting service. In general you can use it for free, but to publicly share posts you'll need a verified email address.

Read on to see how to get a free email address for Imgur.

According to Imgur, they were founded back in 2009 to allow user a simple way to share images online. With the power of, the service went viral and became extremely popular.

The site hosts some of the most viral images on the internet. When you upload and share your photos on Imgur, you can immediately share them with Imgur's large community.

You can easily upload your favorite images and share them online using Imgur's website and share buttons. However, you will need to verify your email address if you would like to publicly share posts within their community.

It could be that you have certain images you'd like to share and speak about without people knowing who you are. In these cases, you may not feel comfortable using your personal email address. If so, you should consider just using a temp email address from

Feel free to use a temporary email address from with your Imgur account. You can sign up with Imgur using your email address from EmailOnDeck and then verify it, keeping your personal email private.

Using an email address from EmailOnDeck is a great way to protect your privacy when using Imgur!

Once you receive Imgur's verification email in your temp inbox, you can proceed with the verification as usual. Here's additional information from Imgur if you are still having trouble: Imgur Verify Account.

So go get your EmailOnDeck email address verified today so you can enjoy and use all the features Imgur has to offer!

Stay safe out there.

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