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Pros and Cons of Using a Disposable E-mail Address

Guest Author:  Iris
Iris photo

A disposable e-mail address (DEA) can be defined as an e-mail ad without long-term value to the person who created it. You can usually acquire it with a limited goal in mind while giving you the opportunity to discard it easily. For instance, if you plan to sign up for a chat room or discussion board while also protecting your personal e-mail from everyone then you can use the DEA. You can expect it to stay valid until you discard it. So what are the pros and cons of using a disposable e-mail address? Read this article to determine those areas for both the consumer and the website owner.

Benefits of Using a Disposable E-mail Address
For the regular consumer, the use of a disposable e-mail ad is extremely beneficial for him/her as it helps protect his/her real e-mail ad. This means that if you're trying to sign up on a site, you have an assurance that you won't end up compromising your safety and making the information in your real personal e-mail ad prone to theft and other forms of harm.

The fact that you'll be using a disposable e-mail ad, one that you will only use to complete the sign-up process for a site or service means that you won't end up compromising your personal and sensitive information. This is more beneficial, especially if you're still unsure whether a site or service is trustworthy enough.

In the case of the website owner, such e-mail ad is also beneficial. If you own a website, then you can improve your reputation and credibility considering the fact that you allow those who wish to sign up on your website or service to use a DEA. People will most likely sign up, improving your popularity since they know that they won't compromise the security of their personal e-mails.

Possible Disadvantages
The disadvantages of using a disposable e-mail address, though, more commonly affect the website owners and marketers than the consumers. One possible disadvantage to you, as the website owner, is that it might cause you to implement and send messages to a list with addresses that are most likely already expired and non-existent. There is also a lower chance for you to engage the recipient in case the message successfully gets through his/her inbox.

Your e-mails might even reach the filtered folder, where users will most likely ignore until the time when their ads expire. Allowing the use of DEA in your website can somehow impede all your efforts of reaching potential contacts and customers.

Whether you are a consumer or a website owner, it pays to weigh the pros and cons of using a DEA. Make sure that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, so you will be a hundred percent satisfied with using the service.

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