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Recover a temporary email address

Author:  EmailOnDeck
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You all know that email addresses you use here at EmailOnDeck are temporary. This means that once you're done using them, or you've cleared your cookies, you don't have access to them anymore.

That's all about to change. We're introducing a "Recover your email address" feature.

This feature is not super simple to utilize, but could be extremely helpful.

For instance, have you ever made a temporary email address, then closed out of EmailOnDeck only to realize later that you want to access that temporary inbox again?

Well now you can. *

It takes a bit of proactive work on your part. Here's how:

Start by noticing that there is now a box at the bottom of the page that says "show email token":

Show Email Token

When you click on that text, your email token will be shown.

This email token is unique and specific to that temporary email. Keep this safe as anyone who sees or has it can access your temporary emails.

Next, you'll want to copy and save the (32 alphanumeric character) Email Token:

Copy Email Token

Save this on your notepad file or wherever so that you can reference it later.

Now go over to the Recover Email Address page. On this page you will need to (1) Enter your Email Token, (2) Prove you're not a robot, and (3) click on the "Recover" button:

Recover Email Screenshot

If you're lucky, you'll be redirected to that temporary email inbox!

* There are two caveats:

(1) If you clicked the "Forget this email and get another!" button, then you can no longer access that email address.

(2) As with the nature of ephemeral emails, EmailOnDeck does wipe email addresses, inboxes and logs everyday/couple days or so. Once the email address has been wiped, there's no way to recover it, even with the Email Token.

Be safe out there!

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