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Fake email generator vs Temporary email generator

Author:  EmailOnDeck
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A lot of times people get confused and think a fake email is the same as a temporary email. However, strictly speaking they are no the same. Fake has 2 constants and 2 vowels whereas temporary has 6 constants and 3 vowels. No, just kidding of course, that is not the definitive difference.

Merriam-Webster defines fake to be: "not true or real : meant to look real or genuine but not real or genuine". So a fake email generator creates email addresses that are meant to look real, but are, in fact, not real. Merriam-Webster defines temporary to be: "continuing for a limited amount of time : not permanent". Therefore a temporary email generator creates email addresses that are real for a limited amount of time.

A fake email address can be useful, but it's not as useful as a temporary email address. Actually you can look at it as a fake email only has some properties of temporary email, but a temporary email has all the properties as a fake email. With a fake email you can use it for anything that just checks to see if the email seems valid. For instance, is the email syntactically correct? Does it start with a valid domain handle, does it include the @ symbol next, and does it end with a valid TLD. A good fake email address would answer yes to all the questions.

A temporary email address does everything a fake email address does, plus, since it's real, it can be used like a regular email address. In order for an email address to be considered temporary, it must answer all the questions above that the fake email had too, plus it actually needs to behave like a real email address. A temporary email should be able to receive email. This provides a lot more benefit as it lets you confirm sign up links, view images, read text and a whole lot more.

So when deciding between a fake email generator and temporary email generator, go with the temporary email generator. The good news is EmailOnDeck is a temporary email generator and you're here at the site right now! It's super easy to get one and then you can use it for whatever you like - try it now!

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