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So many ways to be tracked online, now audio tracking.

Author:  EmailOnDeck
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Ever feel like you keep hearing about new ways you're being tracked? Well it's true, and here's 2 new ways that it can happen to you.

First, researchers at Princeton University found that many sites use an AudioContext API, which can reveal a unique browser and device type combination using an audio signal.

This invasive technique does not require that your microphone or speakers are turned on. It does it totally by how your signal is processed by your hardware and browser.

The second new way of being tracked is from Facebook, imagine that!

Yes we all know Facebook is one of the worst offenders when it comes to the ways in which they track you.

Facebook is promoting their local awareness ads to advertisers as a way to monitor store visits from Facebook ads.

After placing an ad on Facebook and you viewing it, Facebook will track your location via your mobile device and if you go into that retail store they will notify the advertiser.

Effectively, Facebook is tracking your every movement and selling it to third party advertisers! Yikes!

Just another reason to keep your location services disabled for Facebook on you mobile phone.

Be safe out there!

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