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Where can I get a disposable email address?

Author:  EmailOnDeck
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(Un?)Surprisingly there a lot of different places you can get a disposable email address. Of course EmailOnDeck is our recommendation. Do a quick Bing search (yep I said Bing not Google... topic for another day) for "disposable emails" and you'll see a bunch of different web sites that offer disposable email addresses. So perhaps the better question is: What's the difference?

There are a few key differences worth pointing out: whether it's public or private, the amount of time you have to access the email and whether it works (you'd think a duh! right?). So let's break down each one.

Public disposable emails vs. Private disposable emails. If you have access to a public disposable email address ANYONE can view the emails that arrive to your inbox. Also, you can view ANYONE's else's emails that were sent to that email address. A good rule of thumb is never to use a public disposable email for anything that even remotely can be tracked back to you. Why? Because everyone can view your emails. So, for instance a reset password email would be a bad use for a public disposable email because if someone reads that email before you do, they could reset the password before you do and therefore you'd would lose access to the account. A private disposable email address is an email address that only YOU can view the emails in the inbox. No one else even knows the email address exists unless you tell them. Now you still shouldn't use a private disposable email for personal information (think like your bank accounts, Facebook accounts etc...) because those you really should be using with your personal email. However, you do gain more security using a private disposable email over a public disposable email, so things like a reset password email would be just fine to use.

The amount of time you have to access the email address. Usually the longer you have access to the email the better. Sometimes you need to wait a long time for a confirmation email, or for a message to be sent out. If you only have your emails for 10-20 minutes it may not be long enough for your email to arrive. If the disposable email disappears (or you lose access to it) before you get your expected email it can be a real hassle, because there's usually no way to revive that disposable email.

Does the email work? This actually is really key to the purpose of disposable emails. If you try to use your email address and a website or app doesn't accept it, everything else really doesn't matter. At EmailOnDeck we work really hard to give you a disposable email address that just works!

So for a private, disposable email that lasts for a while, and just works- give us a try, EmailOnDeck.

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