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The advantages of using a disposable email address

Guest Author:  Asimpson86
Asimpson86 photo

In modern society, virtually everybody has an email address for one reason or another. Some people use email to simply communicate with friends and family members, whilst others use it for business purposes. Another thing you may have noticed is that virtually all websites, online services, and apps, require you to enter an email address before you can sign up and use that site/app. Generally, having just the one email address for absolutely everything you use is very beneficial, as you never have to worry about entering the wrong log-in information, or having to manage multiple email accounts. The main issue however, is having to constantly deal with spam and junk mail. Generally the more sites you enter your info on, the more junk you will have to deal with, which is why more and more people are using disposable email addresses. A disposable email address is basically an email address you create if you wish to sign up to a site, without having to enter your own personal info and deal with constant spam and junk mail. Here are four key advantages of disposable email addresses.

You can assess a new website
Have you ever signed up to a website, created an account, and a day later found yourself being bombarded with spam, junk mail, and advertising content from said company? To say that this is annoying would be a vast understatement, but if you use a disposable email address, you needn't worry. The email address you used to sign up and create an account will be valid, but as it is not your personal email address, you won't have to waste time deleting junk and managing your inbox. If you create an account and find that the website gets a little too carried away with their advertising content, you obviously know to avoid them for the future. If on the other hand, you find their marketing and advertising campaigns reasonable, you will know they're safe enough to create a real account with.

You can sign up for rewards
If you wish to sign up for a special offer, a reward, or a store loyalty card, but do not wish to deal with junk mail, a disposable email address is ideal. This address will allow you to create an account and receive your reward/bonus/gift etc, and not have to sift through a deluge of marketing content.

You will keep your personal info secure
Some important websites require you to enter your personal email address, which is fine, because online security is improving every single day. However, sometimes, more vulnerable websites can find themselves being hacked, and if your personal email address falls into the wrong hands, you are at risk for identity theft, fraud, and other online crimes. The more sites that have your personal email address stored, the more at risk you are. To reduce the likelihood of this happening to you, a disposable email address should be used. This is because the fewer sites that have your personal email address, statistically, the safer you will be.

You won't have to deal with constant junk mail
We keep talking about junk mail and spam, so here is a more elaborated version of what we've been saying all along. With a disposable email address, stores and websites will not have your personal email, so they will not be able to send you junk mail that clogs up your inbox and takes up valuable space and time. The benefits of this are pretty self explanatory really, so if you haven't signed up for a disposable email address from you may wish to do so sooner, rather than later.

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